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Blogs about motorcycles

If you got to this blog, I assume you probably would like to see some other blogs about bikers and their motorcycles as well. I’m reading a few as well, so let’s mention a couple of them:

  • Motorcycle Blog by Silverwinger – “Motorcycle blogs have no incredible stories, no sudden plot twists, it is all about the ride and the anticipation of the ride. So we begin with an old guy from Castor, Alberta Canada with an old 1981 GL 500 Honda Interstate riding and blogging about motorcycles, motorcycle camping, and the motorcycle way of doing things.” That’s an “open road blog” – nice scenery, nice bikes, nice folks. So if you want to get the feeling of freedom and cruising on the open road, “Logan Pass-Going to the Sun Highway“. Hope to see some other riding stories from him soon, to keep me warm during the winter!
  • Helmet Hair – Motorcycle Blog – “Wearing a motorcycle helmet tends to mess up one’s hair. Removing the helmet usually leaves hair sticking out in all directions. This is called helmet hair”. Great introduction line! And the blog is great in bringing interesting news for any biker – shows, trips, special bikes and everything else.

So, what do you think ?