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Not sure what you do when you have to deal with the regular long winter psychosis, but I usually spend irrational long hours watching youtube videos with bikes, stunts, speed riding and even commercials. This is sometimes a goal setting process – usually planing some trips for the summer, or maybe a new trinket for my bikes.

However, about 2 days ago, I’ve come across Adventure Rider Motorcycle Forum which, surprise, surprise, has a photo slideshow running on the homepage. And the pictures are incredible. Different places, different people and again incredible. If you watch the slideshow you will see it’s a summary of all the experiences and feelings an adventure rider might encounter in an entire biking life. Going on the desert and see the Pyramids. Cross waters and open spaces. Camp outside near, the bike, and wake up the next day to a wonderful scenery. Hit the open road. Ride on snow. Speed riding. Friendship, crashes and pain.

Here is my selection (names of the links are my own):

If seeing the pictures in the slideshow are not a goal setting experience, then you might not be a real biker. I know I am, because I have a new goal: attend the 2008 Isle Of Man race in June. And every true biker wants to be there once in a lifetime. I do.

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  • Jase |

    Make sure you do come over to the Isle of Man for TT – we’ll have a beer waiting for you! Book soon though… the ferry fills up early.

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