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Riders code of the road

I did ride a couple of times as a passenger before becoming a rider myself. I have to say I was scared and didn’t understand what’s the joy of riding. That happened until I got to a bikers meeting in Brasov, when, besides getting the chance of seeing a lot of bikes in one place, I got to see about bikers friendship and community.

Back then (now it seems that the harder of new bikers are not so “bikers” anymore) I had strong feelings seeing biker from all over the country shaking hands, discussing about their bikes, their adventures and wonderful “code of the road stories”. Got back home, and in one month I got my license and first motorcycle.

In the meanwhile (it’s been like 4 years since then) I got my own set of stories, my own set of accidents and my own set of carrying fellow bikers at hospitals, recovering bikes, parties and so on.

It doesn’t matter the time in the day or night, if a fellow biker calls you for help, you are going. Then you have the biker greeting signs on the road, and the help when you meet a biker in trouble on the road. Because we have something that is called “riders code of the road”, an unwritten set of rules that motorcycle guys are following. And that’s what makes best having a motorcycle.

Here is a nice story about the Code of the road from a fellow biker. And here is something that he says: “There’s a quote about motorcycles: Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.

So, what do you think ?