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Interview with Rick from Keep The Rubber Side Down

Doing the Top 100 Motorcycle blogs gave me the opportunity to get in contact with some great motorcycle bloggers. I especially enjoyed the Keep the Rubber Side Down blog for the unique style and stories. Here is a sample:
“It has been a couple of days since I have been on my bike, and I think I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

* irritability
* the sweats
* pacing
* continually looking out the window
* wearing my helmet all day
* rolling the air throttle while making engine noises.
* dapping a drop fuel behind my ears”

Rick accepted to give a small interview, so here we are:

  • Cristian: Rick, thank you for accepting the interview. What do you think about the Top 100 Motorcycle blogs?

Rick: It is a fantastic collection of insightful writers and riders.

  • Cristian: You just bought another bike a while ago (got the proper timing when your wife was away 🙂 What’s the new bike and what other bikes do you own?

Rick: While my wife was a way on business, I bought a BMW R1100 RT, I also have a Shadow Aero 1100, 1985 Nighthawk. She loves the BMW by the way!

  • Cristian: You are 47. Did you ever regret riding a bike?

Rick: No, I regret I didn’t start sooner. My riding career didn’t begin until my early 20’s, but I was hooked from my first ride. In fact, the more I ride, the more I want to ride.

  • Cristian: You run a series of educational posts on your blog regarding riding safety. Do you think we should have more involvement in the safety education from motorcycle bloggers?

Rick: Personally, I have seen too many riders do stupid things, a majority of MC accidents are caused by riders not being properly equipped. Personally, I choose to use a portion of my forum to promote riding safety whenever possible. That’s not my exculsive focus, but an important one.

  • Cristian: What’s your dream bike, or the bike you regret most having sold?

Rick: The current BMW is my dream bike for now! As I have grown as a rider this bike fits my purpose perfectly. We will see what happens in the future, but for now I am totally satisfied.

  • Cristian: Any rides you would recommend for the scenery or anything else in your area?

Rick: I am constantly riding new routes in our area. In fact, KTRSD sponsors a local ride the first Sunday of each month in order to explore the many beautiful roads of Ohio. One I would highly reccommend is riding through the Hocking Hills on St. Rt 664.

  • Cristian: You were very happy when your son took the MC license. Most of the parents would not allow their kids to ride, but you were already hoping to have a good time riding with your son. What would be an ideal ride with your son?

Rick: You are right I was very happy when my youngest son got his endorsement. My oldest son and I, are leaving on Saturday, May 10, for an 11 state tour. The trip will entail almost 4,000 miles. We will be traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway, including “The Snake”, “Tail of the Dragon” etc. We will then head to Myrtle Beach Bike Week, then into Florida, Louisianna, Texas, and beyond.

  • Cristian:I bet that you have a lot of interesting stories to tell from your rides. What do you remember most?

Rick: I remember the amazing feeling of discovering new places, people, sites, and sounds. There is nothing quite like seeing what’s around the next curve!

  • Cristian: How did you get into riding?

Rick: I was given an old Kawasaki by a neighbor. I practiced in an abandoned parking lot for a few weeks, I was hooked!

  • Cristian: Any customizations you did to your bikes?

Rick: No, for some reason I have always kept my stuff stock. Except for a few accessories.

  • Cristian: What’s the best piece of advice you would give to young riders?

Rick: Ride with in your limits! Don’t be suckered in by pride or peer pressure!

  • Cristian: What’s your favorite motorcycle movie?

Rick: I tried to love “Easy Rider” but I simply didn’t get it. My family enjoyed “Wild Hogs”
purely for the entertainment factor.

  • Cristian: What’s your favorite motorcycle blog?

Rick: Dude! Yours of course! I actually like a great number of them, but if I had to mention one probably “Clutch and Chrome

  • Cristian: Thanks for the interview Rick!

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