2007 Honda CBF 600s pictures

By | Aug 20, 2008

If you are wondering what bikes I’m riding, besides my beloved ’93 Honda CB750 which will remain my love at first sight, for better and for worse, Amen, (if you get what I mean) my other big love is my 2007 Honda CBF600s. Guess what, being bikes, they don’t mind sharing the same guy (and I don’t mind sharing my credit card with both)!

Anyway, I thought I should post some pictures with my 2007 Honda CBF600s at 77 km, that I took after the first wash, last year:

Side view. Some say it’s a very dull bike, but it really does what I want: easy riding, reliable and fun!

2007 Honda CBF600s

Front tire still had the red strip on it

2007 Honda CBF600s

I bought this model as it is probably one of the last “classic conception” bikes, with carburetors, classic instruments and naked bike look.

2007 Honda CBF600s

Power plant: the 599, same as for Hornet or Honda 599, tuned for more low range torque:

2007 Honda CBF600s

2007 Honda CBF600s

All the labels in place, and a very clean chain. Nothing fancy, no pro-link swing arm, or anything else.

2007 Honda CBF600s

Single shock absorber

2007 Honda CBF600s

Everything is classic, including the instruments

2007 Honda CBF600s

Me, a happy biker!

And, my 2 ladies, side by side:

So what do you say?

PS: here is my Honda CBF600s site


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