2008 Honda Gold Wing Long Term Test

By | Jun 27, 2009

Basem Wasef from about.com writes a column about Honda Gold Wing. I have to say that is very well written and following his posts is delicious. Just read this one: http://motorcycles.about.com/od/longtermmotorcycletests/a/GoldWingLT3.htm Here is a sample:

“Gold Wings have reputations for being focused touring bikes, but every time I straddle mine I have difficulty pigeonholing it as such. In spite of cushy features like electric reverse, heated this and that, and seemingly endless storage space, the Gold Wing is undeniably powerful; let out the hydraulic clutch, and the 1,832cc flat six-cylinder starts pulling despite itself. You don’t even need to apply throttle– the thing just goes. Twist that right grip, and all bets are off: the Gold Wing offers delicious thrust that’s seamless and strong, and before you know it this huge hunk of bike is hauling effortlessly along.”

And if you wonder how to deal with this big couch on wheels, here is a video about how fun it can be


And here some Honda Goldwing manuals


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