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Can you actually become part of someone else’s adventure?

Can I still write on this blog if I changed from Honda to Suzuki? Do I still got this riding and writing in me?

Three questions and It’s already a strange way to get back to riding and writing after 4 years. I only know how to answer the first question. The second question doesn’t matter and the third only the future will tell.

Problem is that I should write something great. So here it is.

I think most of the bikers get into biking after hearing, reading or participating to someone else’s adventure. There is always somewhere that mythical biker that sold everything and got into biking around the World. Or the one that went to exotic places and come back with a different meaning of life. The ones that crashed and got back into riding, the ones that broke in the middle of the road and the ones that take beautiful pictures.

You can find their stories on forums, sometimes they are your friends, sometimes they are your co-workers and sometimes you meet them during your own travelings. And there is always their bike, which becomes more than their bike. It becomes their partner in adventure, the one that makes everything possible. Sometimes it’s more just a machine, it becomes their friend and get names like “blue horse”, “thunderstorm” or “Gunnar”.

You can recognize the adventurer bikes at the meetings or on the streets. Stickers, scars, tear and wear you can tell it’s an adventurer bike.

So you have PMS (parked motorcycle syndrome – I had it for 4 years while not riding), or you just browse through the adventure forums out there and you get daydreaming. Maybe even life models if you are courageous enough.

You just wonder how could he do it? How could he or she just close the door, start the bike and never look back for a month, a year or a life? You could never do it. Then you see pictures from Patagonia. And from Greece. And from Canada. Gunnar was there. They never run out of stories. Maybe they write a book or make a movie.

The thing with books is that from their nature they are here to stay more. Books are not just simple forum posts that are going to be forgotten or deleted. Books take the stories further and make the adventures even stronger.

At some point you think about buying a bike. You could do this, but that would be your adventure, your story and you might never get to become an adventure book. Or maybe you will, but that would be a different story from the one of your adventure role model.

But hold on. There is another way of getting in someone else’s adventure. You’re not going to make it in their book but you might be able to continue their book. It’s like a never ending adventure. You get the full thing and make it your own.

You could buy Gunnar. You can make that old full of histories bike and make it yours. You can continue the adventure. Gunnar made this:

55.000km in one trip. A family on a bike an adventure and an adventure book.

Owning Gunnar comes with responsibilities and guilty pleasures. I have to take the adventure further and make my own. Gunnar’s scars, stickers are not mine, but taking them further becomes my guilty pleasure.

So, what do you think ?