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My name is Cristian Dorobantescu, and I’m a motorcycle blogger from Romania, Eastern Europe.

My Honda story starts with an old CB450. In fact an ’86 CB450S that I bought from a biker I used to meet at our weekly meetings. It was kind of trashed and therefore I only kept it for a month. It was eating a lot of oil, it had worn tires and the gauges didn’t show much. Still, it started each morning and actually also got me to a biker meeting in another town, which really made me think: these bikes are meant to run forever.

1986 Honda CB450s

My uncle used to run a Honda CB750 Nighthawk from some time now, and in the same day I got the money on the CB450, I picked up his (newer and better) Nighthawk. I remember I couldn’t sleep for 2 days!! Incredible engine, incredible sound, incredible ride:

1993 Honda CB750 Nighthawk

I still got the Nighthawk – it was love forever. And here is the CB750 Nighthawk site for it.
In 2007, I’ve got love at first sight for the CBF600S in the moment I entered the Honda dealers. I had no intentions to buy another bike, however, it was in my yard in the next 7 days:

2007 Honda CBF600s

Did a site for the Honda CBF600s as well. Is this love, or what??