New Honda DN-01 to be launched on March 7th in Japan

By | Feb 28, 2008

This bike made me sick the entire day. Its a spaceship from another World. Its sick! I’m quoting from the Honda site as I’m speechless: ” From the “Low & Long + Modern Organic Body” design concept comes a truly individualistic style. The long-nosed front cowl incorporates dual projector headlights with overall front face shaped [...]

Excellent review of the 2008 Honda CBF600S

By | Feb 24, 2008

Being a CBF 600s owner, I’ve spent quite a good time looking for reviews on my bike, and unfortunately found most of them to be deceiving. It looks like most of the journalists dealing with reviews evaluate the bikes based on how fast they go and their abilities on the track. Does it go with [...]

How about motorcycle restauration?

By | Feb 23, 2008

If you look at any bikers forum, you will get that there are 2 types of bikers: the new-comers and the ones that get back to motorcycling after a long gap. Chances are that the middle age “come backers” have wonderful memories about their first bikes probably from the ’70 or ’80. Whenever one of [...]

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