So how does Romania really looks like?

By | Jun 29, 2008

Kano from Motorcycle and Scooter Talk commented on my interview with motorcycle blogger Praveen from India that: “It’s always interesting to me to hear things from people around the world, it widens my perspective.” So how does Romania feels and looks like? Well, Internet is not so developed around here, and it was hard to [...]

How does it feel to go to a biker’s meeting that you don’t know it has been canceled?

By | Jun 29, 2008

A very long title, and it’s going to be a very short post. Last week I went about 200kms away just to find out that the Brasov bikers party has been canceled (my bad, I didn’t check for updates). Here is how this looks like… I think my face says it all

Trip to Slanic Prahova Salt mine

By | Jun 29, 2008

From Bucharest, the trip to Slanic Prahova salt mine it’s a nice Sunday morning trip. It’s about 100 kms going through villages and some twisted roads. From what I read, the salt mine is the biggest in Europe (you will get from the pictures how big it is, and that’s just the visiting area). First, [...]

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