Country night at the Biker’s Club in Bucharest

By | Aug 28, 2008

There are very few Pubs here for bikers. It’s not like in US or anything, so I was quite happy when I’ve heard about a country night at the Biker’s Club near Bucharest. Couldn’t stay long because tomorrow I got work to do, but took some pictures. Guess who’s the ugly guy… me. People getting [...]

Self interview or?

By | Aug 26, 2008

Depending on the moment you started reading this blog, you might now know that I’ve started a series of motorcycle bloggers interviews. Here are some of them: Interview with Mr. Motorcycle Interview with Rick from Keep The Rubber Side Down Interview with Atlas Rider Interview with Joker from The Harley-Davidson “Mystique” Interview with RoadCaptainUSA Interview [...]

Dog on a bike

By | Aug 26, 2008

If you followed with the pictures from the Pro Biker’s party, remember that I was asking myself how do people carry their dogs on the bike to get to these meetings? Here is the picture I’m talking about: Well, it seems that the dog owner saw the picture and sent me 2 pictures to show [...]

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