Honda Motorcycles blog made it to Top 20 Biking Blogs by British insurance provider, Carole Nash

By | Apr 29, 2010

I had a big surprise today! Carole Nash is one of the UK’s top bike insurance providers and not only that but they made a quite interesting motorcycles blog. Somehow the Honda Motorcycles blog made it to Top 20 Biking Blogs! I also had the pleasure to find some old friends in the top like [...]

Weekend fun: 299KM trip to Zimnicea

By | Apr 28, 2010

Danube is the biggest river in Europe and lucky us, the delta is in Romania This is good news if you want to take a ride! Even if you don’t go to the Delta, Danube flows between Romania and Bulgaria for many many miles and this means beautiful scenery, wildlife and nice fisherman villages along [...]

Babes on bikes at Smaeb 2010

By | Apr 25, 2010

Not really. I mean not that many babes of bikes this year, crisis must have hit hard this year. I don’t have any statistics, but from what I could see the big names where there but they didn’t display anything new (I know they are keeping the stocks low, but really it was boring to [...]

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