A motorcycle journey through Latin America documented on YouTube

By | Jul 31, 2010

No, that’s not about me, but about Bill, the “Atlasrider”. I have interviewed him a couple of years ago. On August 15th Bill Dwyer sets off for an eight month trip that takes him from America to Argentina, spanning over 20 countries and 25,000 miles. Without a cellphone, and infrequent internet access he will no [...]

Antibes – French riviera – Cote d’azur – 8118km Europe Tour

By | Jul 27, 2010

Wikipedia says: Antibes was founded as a 5th century BC Greek colony settled by Phocaeans from Massilia. As the Greek Empire fell into decline, it began incorporating the small towns into its empire. In 43 BC, Antibes (or Antipolis Aντιπόλις, as it was then called) was officially annexed by Rome and remained so for the [...]

French Riviera, 8118km Europe tour

By | Jul 27, 2010

I don’t know why I somehow tell the story of the Route des Grandes Alpes tour in reverse. Now I have some pictures to show you from the French Riviera (taken after the Alpes). I left from Nice and went all the way to MontPellier on the Riviera. First stop was in Cannes: Seems like [...]

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