What can you do in the second day of Easter? Well, you can ride, of course

By | Apr 16, 2012

The last 2 days we had terrible weather (well, it wasn’t snowing, so it depends how bad you want to ride). But this morning, what do you know. Sunny! Too bad I got lazy in the last 2 rainy days and now I have so many things to do. So I quietly started the laptop, [...]

5 Things You Should Know About Motorcycle Insurance

By | Apr 13, 2012

5 Things You Should Know About Motorcycle Insurance So just how much do you know about motorcycle insurance? There are many misconceptions about coverage that can be financially dangerous for you. We’ve compiled a short list of 5 important things to know about insurance plans: Image Source: Discovery.com 1. You are 39 times more likely [...]

The proper way to test ride a motorcycle (funny)!

By | Apr 5, 2012

Ok, I got 3 pieces. Best understood if you ride. Yamaha Suzuki Vstrom   Suzuki GRS 750

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