Mototent – a tent for your motorcycle adventure

By | Jan 18, 2013

As my friends know I’m not the kind of biker that sleeps in the wild during my tours. I’m more about having a nice bottle of French red wine and a huge steak while we chat and tell stories about our rides. But if I will ever want more wild adventure to my tours (what’s stopping me) and will need a tent, then, let it be a tent with style. That’s why when Loic from Lone Rider Moto sent me some pictures with their new Mototent I said to myself, that’s the way to do it. It even has enough space to protect your loved BMW from the weather (Honda’s don’t need this 🙂

Here is how these guys came up with the idea: “The idea of the MOTOTENT appeared to its founders in 2009, during a trip on motorcycles from Beijing to Paris. When crossing Kazakhstan on bikes, the motorcyclists spent many nights in their tents. When settling the camp, it was imperative to hide the bikes, not to attract attention. Their tents were light but too small: their muddy clothes and belongings did not fit inside. They had to change their clothes outside of their tents. They also had to unload most of the bike’s bags, to hide the motorcycle inside the tent!
To overcome these problems they decided to build a made-to-measure tent, with enough space to both hide the bike and be able to comfortably change to dry, while standing.” – which I found quite cool. It’s always nice to see products born from the true experience of riders rather from a marketing department.



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