Motorcycle ride to Albula Pass in Switzerland

By | Jun 30, 2013

Albula Pass is the kind of pass that is free of heavy traffic and a joy to ride. Beautiful scenery, empty roads and nice twists. Some pictures and videos from my motorcycle ride to Albula Pass in 2012. And the videos – enjoy! and

Not ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’

By | Jun 26, 2013

The tours that classic rite of passage journey novels and especially such movies make seem a breeze, actually represent something of a logistical nightmare for even experienced riders, if you don’t also happen to be half pro- drifter and political inspiration, and half scout and expert explorer of the outdoors. My Honda sports touring bike [...]

Passo Croce and Miramonti, Italy, 2012

By | Jun 25, 2013

Since I partially lost my hearing on the left ear (it’s called the motorcyclist silent killer) I haven’t rode that much. No more 20.000 km per year. Sad. I haven’t even uploaded the videos from my last trip to Italy. If there are riders still reading this blog, well, wear ear plugs when riding. Or [...]

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