Honda Shadow Bags: Cleaning self help guide for Bikers

By | Jan 28, 2014

Owning a bike is one thing, but taking care of it and its accessories are a completely different matter altogether. Most bikers, including myself, are of the opinion that a bike reflects the true personality of its owner. This makes all the more important for a biker to keep his bike and its accessories like [...]

Mototent – a tent for your motorcycle adventure

By | Jan 18, 2013

As my friends know I’m not the kind of biker that sleeps in the wild during my tours. I’m more about having a nice bottle of French red wine and a huge steak while we chat and tell stories about our rides. But if I will ever want more wild adventure to my tours (what’s [...]

Romanian Motorcycle exhibition – SMAEB2011

By | Apr 11, 2011

This year Honda was completely missing from Smaeb, and KTM was also more or less missing. BMW had a huge display of bikes (all at un-reasonable prices) and Yamaha was quite ok as well and surprise, Harley was present as well. Still it felt more like an accessories show. This really makes me wonder, how [...]

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