2012 Honda Fury/Fury ABS Specifications

By | Sep 24, 2011

We understand perfectly if you think your eyeballs are lying to you. Indeed, the Fury┬« appears to be something from the farthest fringes of the two-wheeled world. Yet it’s a Honda, through and through. Here we have the rolling incarnation of the pure, undiluted chopper essence, a machine that simply looks right, sounds right and [...]

2010 Honda Fury Specifications

By | Jun 27, 2009

It’s the chopper you would build for yourself–if you had a factory instead of a garage. Introducing the Fury, a machine that radiates attitude and delivers a total riding experience approaching the outer limits of motorcycling. Welcome to the wild side–of Honda. With hand-built appearances radical enough to turn every head and catch every eye, [...]

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