The first time I can do something for the bikers community

By | Jan 2, 2015

It’s not often when you can be involved in a good positive way in the community you are part of. Being a biker I feel that doing good for the fellow bikers is good for me too. So, I’m very happy to be involved and try to help up the creation of Kevlar jeans for [...]

Motorcycle touring in Turkey – interview

By | Feb 26, 2011

Cristian: Hi Robert and welcome. You’re running a motorcycle touring business in Turkey. Tell us a few words about it. Robert: Yes, Christian, we are an independent company but official solution touring partner of BMW Turkey. We specialise in providing adventure motorcycle tours on the latest BMW bikes, the most popular being the BMW R1200 [...]

Interview with Linda from Canyon Vista Motorcycle Tours

By | Dec 4, 2010

Cristian: Hi Linda and thank you for accepting the interview. Tell us a few words about yourself. Linda: I’m a team member with my husband, and we wear many hats… Architectural Design Business: Thornapple Design Company, my business training business: Training Focus, and our Motorcycle Tour Business: Canyon Vista Motorcycle Tours. Cristian: So, you’re also [...]

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