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Educate Yourself: The Different Types of Motorcycle Insurance

There’s a really good reason why motorcycle insurance is required by the government: it can be a godsend. After all, you can never know when motorcycle insurance can swoop in and save the day.

If you find yourself involved in an accident, your motorcycle insurance should somewhat soften the blow, as it can protect you from considerable loss of cash or other assets. The question, though, is: how much can you rely on motorcycle insurance? The answer to that lies in the types of coverage that are included in your policy. This article will tackle the various types, which should tremendously help if you’re still deciding on the extent of your motorcycle insurance.


Liability Coverage

Let’s begin with liability coverage. This is the most basic kind since liability coverage is mandatory.

You accidentally slammed onto an object or property? Your insurance will pay for the property damage that you’ve incurred. You were at fault in a vehicular collision? Your insurance will pay for the damage that you’ve caused to the other party (both injury and property damage). The thing with liability coverage, though, is that it won’t cover you or your motorcycle.

Collision Coverage

As mentioned above, you’d still have to shell out money straight out of your own pockets for your hospital or motorcycle expenses should your insurance be limited to liability coverage. With collision insurance, that’ll only be partly true now. Collision insurance will pay for the damage sustained by your motorcycle (less your deductible) in the event of an accident. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re to blame for the accident or not—collision insurance applies regardless of the circumstances. This is perhaps the most recommended type of optional coverage since your motorcycle will almost always suffer damage when disaster strikes.

Comprehensive Coverage

Collision coverage is good and all, but it won’t shield you from theft, vandalism, or fire. Should you want protection against non-road hazards, go for a policy that features comprehensive coverage. With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about your beloved Harley or Ducati (or whatever your ride is) that much anymore. A policy with comprehensive coverage should help you sleep more soundly at night.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

You know what’s worse than getting hit by a car or another motorcycle? It’s getting hit by one that doesn’t have insurance (or one that’s underinsured, at least). While it’s true that you practically cannot drive a car or a motorcycle without an insurance policy in your back pocket, there is still a rather sizeable segment of the population that doesn’t mind breaking the law (head over to Famous Insurance and change that if you’re in the same boat). And you’re really down on your luck if you happen to get into an accident with such individuals involved. The situation wouldn’t be so bad, though, if your policy includes uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. This should aid in paying for medical treatment, lost wages, and other damages to you and your passengers. The damage to your motorcycle isn’t covered, though.


Uninsured Motorist Property Damage Coverage

This is quite similar to uninsured motorist coverage. The only difference is that uninsured motorist property damage coverage deals with your bike, not you and your passengers.

The decision of which kinds of coverage to go for is entirely up to you. Heck, you can opt to avail of each and every one if that’s what’s going to drown your worries. But regardless of the coverage types that are included in your policy, what’s really important is to always prioritize safety on the road. After all, it’s better to not be able to maximize your insurance rather than to exercise it due to physical injuries and whatnot.

Top 5 polishes for motorbikes

You know the motorbikes that gleam in the sun or have that incandescent glow at night? That is courtesy of motorbike polishes that riders gloss onto the frames of their motorbikes. Other than making sure you have motorcycle insurance, because it is required by law to ride on the roads, some motorbike enthusiasts find polishing their bikes just as necessary!

When you buy a new motorbike, you should always strive to have that brand new look because it improves how you experience the motorbike as well as how it looks. Choose from the following polishes that are guaranteed to make your bike the best looking girl on road:

1.     Muc-off Miracle Shine: If you want your motorbike to have that supermodel glossy finish, you need to use this polish. Made from a mixture of unique ingredients, this miracle shine includes polymers, which are the particles used to create a high gloss finish. Use this shine if you want to have a glossy look, if you are taking your motorbike to a bike show for example.

2.     Finish Line Showroom Polish: Get that mega-watt look with this polish. Not only does it make your motorbike look brilliant in the light, it also protects your bike so it works as a double duty sealant and polisher. Choose this polisher if you are looking for value for money.

3.     Holts Motorcycle Chrome and Aluminimum Polish: For industrial efficiency, this is the polish that you should choose. If you use your motorbike every day to take you to work, you need to make sure it looks smart. You can get a lot out of this particular polish without using loads in one go because it is made from a rich blend. In particular, it definitely has value for money because it lessens the amount of oxidisation that chrome and aluminimum endure as the motorbike ages. Another fantastic element of this polish is it also minimises the effect of rust, which can affect how you can even use your motorbike. If you are on a budget, this is the perfect polish to choose for your motorbike.

4.     Autosol Metal Polish: Taking care of the stainless steel and copper parts of your motorbike will no longer be a strain when you choose this polish from Autosol. With a bargain price for such a fantastic product, your stainless steel bike parts will work beautifully as you take your bike out to ride it.

5.     Castrol Bike Polish Motorcycle Cleaner: Castrol is a brand that knows a thing or two about motors. This polish is no different – it protects the paintwork of your motorbike from weather and general wear and tear.

Edelweiss Bike Travel

Edelweiss Bike Travel is the worlds leading company in guided motorcycle tours. When they started in 1980 with the first scouting motorcycle tours a whole new concept in motorcycle touring was born. Today you can experience our way of motorcycle touring on more than 47 different tour destinations in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and New Zealand.

When the first scouting tours took place in 1980 the team was a small one: Coral and Werner Wachter. Since then the team has grown.

I had a look at their Central Europe tours: yummy!

DATES: June, July, August, September
DURATION: 10 day vacation, 8 riding days
ROUTE: Total distance 1160-1370 miles (1870- 2200 km).
Daily rides 73 – 175 miles (116- 280 km).
On good asphalt roads.
ACCOMMODATION: Comfortable middle-class hotels with a special Alpine touch.
REST DAY: Bolzano
SPECIAL FEATURES: The route includes all famous mountain passes in the Western Alps.
Alps Riding Training: On this tour we optionally offer a full-day training and safety course.
HIGHLIGHTS: Lucerne, Matterhorn, Lugano, Lakes Maggiore and Como, Lake Garda, Dolomites, roads and passes of the Western Alps

the Alps: the perfect play ground for demanding motorcyclists
5 countries in 8 days – Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy
Motorcycle Roads for every taste: narrow and curvy or wide and sweeping
on two wheels we climb the highest and most spectacular mountain passes of Switzerland

More info here.