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Repair manual for Honda cb750 Nighthawk

I must admit that although I like working on my CB75o Nighthawk, I’m not the most brilliant technical guy. In a way, not knowing how to work on your bike is not necessarily a big problem, unless you start taking the parts out and never know how to put them back and you’re left without working bike.

That’s why I really needed a repair book for my old CB750 that is easy enough, including detailed pictures on the most usual operations you could perform in the backyard. There aren’t many manuals around for this particular bike, but lucky enough, the one that there is, is very good: Honda: Cb750 Nighthawk, 1991-1993 and 1995-1999 (Clymer Motorcycle Repair Manuals) I’ve already did some maintenance on the bike using the book: changing the chain and sprockets , spark plugs, or oil change. Now I’m heading to front suspension maintenance.

The book is good in 2 ways: 1) parts inventory – you can find what tires, sparks, oil or anything else you could fit on the bike and 2) the pictures help you localize the things on the bike. The repair instructions are step by step, and the good news is that the instruction refer mostly to regular tools available in any garage! So, even if you don’t have specialised tools, you might be able to do most of the operations and save a buck.

The repair manual gets you through the following:

  • periodic maintenance
  • engine
  • clutch and transmission
  • fuel system
  • electrical system
  • wheels, tires and drive chain
  • front and rear suspension
  • brakes
  • body

I’ve picked the book from Amazon, fast and clean delivery, even in Europe.

Blogs about motorcycles

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